Merzdorf Fine Food is a manufacturer of healthy snacks.

It has long been known that nothing happens by accident. That is why each and every element linked to the idea behind the company has its concrete explanation.

Merzdorf – the old name of Marciszów, a village in Lower Silesia, Poland. That is exactly where our adventure with creating healthy snacks began. And that is where our snacks went out into the world from for the very first time.

Fine Food – because we produce healthy and high-quality food. We stick to the few basic rules: we use only natural ingredients, we do not add any artificial enhancers or preservetives, and we want to raise awarness of healthy eating and living.


Our snacks family has been appreciated by international juries and customers: Innovative Product of the Year Award (Stamegna Retail Management), Buyer’s Choice Award (ECRM), a finalist of SIAL Innovation Selection (France and Canada) and Food Matters Live (London).



Did you know...?

Mount Everest, K2, Lhotse, Manaslu, Annapurna… these are only some of the summits conquered with the support of our snacks. Our products, especially chicken meat juicy slices, are used by climbers and mountaineers even in the toughest and most demanding conditions.